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Our company was established to produce various casting pieces in Konya in 1987. Afterwards, our company which concentrated on brake drum production by combining new technics with the experiences gained in casting process owned Akkuşlar Co. Ltd. commercial title by incorporating in 1995.

Our firm keeping up with the innovations added to the production brake disc mirrors which is a part of disc brake system thanks to the experiences gained in brake drum in order to provide better service for its countrywide and worldwide customers.

We moved our factory to Busan Organized Industrial Zone at the beginning of 2000 and continued production for 7 years there. Branding was aimed through “Frenka” brand developed in 2007.
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  We always work for a better quality and manufacture mightily.
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  Our production is achieved meticulously and effectively.
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  You can see our quality certificates and our quality policies.
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  Our valuable distributors can follow their orders and demands.
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