Our Quality Policy

We can summarize Frenka's approach to quality as follows.

The understanding of quality in developed countries is the main reason for their progress in producing quality products. In other words, quality awareness brings development. Sophistication brings quality. We can call it a cycle. Thus, quality and development progress rapidly.

But poor quality, contentment, mediocrity and cheapness always reduce the quality in the country. It lowers the general living standards of the country. Products are getting worse and worse. This causes sales problems in terms of quality products and more and more poor quality production increases with cost pressure. Competition now continues entirely on cheapness and poor quality. In other words, we see that the products get cheaper as they get poorer, get poorer as they get cheaper, turn into a snowball and go in a bad direction. This situation adversely affects the development in the country, and poor quality leads to backwardness.

Here, Frenka always keeps the awareness of quality alive, never gives up and focuses its mind on quality production. Continuing to invest in science and technology, it continues to serve development with its 35 years of automotive and production experience.